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Corrective Exercise From Someone Who Cares

 Corrective Exercise?

Corrective Exercise
What Is Corrective Exercise?
Corrective exercise is the systematic process of identifying a neuromusculaskeletal dysfunction, developing a plan of action, and implementing an integrated corrective strategy. We do this with a 3 step process:
1. Identify the problem 
2. Solve the problem
3. Implement the solution 
In today's world, people work longer hours, use better technology and automation, and do not move as much on a daily basis.  This leads to more dysfunction and increased incidents of injury (i.e. low-back pain or knee injuries).  

If you have been injured, been released for a physical therapy, or afraid that you may be at risk for injury, contact us today for your free assessment and see what we can do for you.  

Human Movement System Impairment
It is rare the injury or impairment of the HMS involves one structure. If one part of the HMS is affected it leads to issues in another part of the HMS, since it is an integrated system.  When one area of the HMS is out of alignment, it leads decreased control of your neuromuscular system and microtraumas. This leads to the cumulative injury cycle.  This cycle leads to decreased performance, myofascial adhesions, and soon or later injury. 

Corrective Exercise
Arms Fall Forward on Overhead Squat Assessment
​NASM shares corrective exercise (CES) quick fixes for when your arms fall forward on the overhead squat assessment