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Michael is an excellent personal trainer. He has the ability to take his complete fitness knowledge/training and translate it into a motivating, individualized program for his clients. I highly recommend Michael.

​ Amanda

Michael is GREAT. He listens and responds to my goals, is attentive to me when I am working out, and is always thinking of new ways to push me. Michael motivates me to do well and shows me the progress I have made. So far he has helped me stand up straighter, have improved circulation to my legs and have over-all better fitness. 
In addition to the support he provides with exercise goals and milestones, Michael is also a great resource for overall healthy living. Early on, we spoke about my eating habits and he made some great points about my sodium intake...since taking his advice and reducing the amount of sodium I eat, the circulation to my legs has dramatically improved, as well as swelling I had.
Overall, Michael is a great motivator, a wealth of knowledge, and has the tools you need to look and feel better. I will keep Michael as my trainer, thats for sure!

​ Lauren

Observant, interested, sensible, uses good judgment,flexible, knows when and when not to push me--All of these describe my experience of working with Michael for 8 months now. The longer I work with him, the more I see how he can help me. I look forward to continuing with him, especially for help staying motivated to be well and fit.